Here are some websites which may be of interest or help. They have been selected by Steve Bridgeman.

Justin Craig provide revision courses for GCSE and A Level in a wide range of subjects, including languages.

Languages in general:
This is a great place to access some free learning material and language courses online.
The Association for Language Learning has details of lots of events and resources to help you with learning another language. It's also a great resource for language tutors and teachers.
The National Centre for Languages covers everything from national policy to training, development and learning.
This takes you straight to an Adobe version of the 'European Languages Portfolio', a well thought-out way to assess and keep a record of your tuition and level in other languages. Pages 8 and 9 are the crucial ones.
This link takes you to the Council of Europe's explanation about the 'European Languages Portfolio'.
This will give you the brochure for West Sussex Adult and Community Learning Service, who offer some great language classes all over the county.

This is just one of many sites which provide interactive language and grammar exercises for free.
Have a look at this for an extensive range of restaurant vocabulary.

countries and nationalities in German.
a series of German exercises.
another set of exercises and lessons on various aspects of German grammar

Some good sites for interactive French exercises and some online courses and lessons.

This is a brilliant site for clear, well-organised grammatical explanations with comprehensive exercises